WTC Data

Data Migration

The data migration service comprises extracting information from legacy systems, transforming it, and storing information according to structures imposed by another system.

Data Mining

It is the process of exploiting large amounts of data in search of consistent patterns, such as association rules or time sequences, to detect systematic relationships between variables, thus detecting new subsets of data.

Data migration is a vital service for pursuing your business, especially when there is a breakdown of the information system in place. The differences between the two systems require a high effort in the mapping and transformation of information in order to minimize the loss of information and the impact on the continuity of its business processes.

WTC R&D Software Development

In this scope of services, the development of software, that is, the act of elaborating and implementing a computational system, that is, transforming the need of a user or of a market into a software product is included. Also included here are the application services of the software engineering processes combined with the research of the needs of the product to develop software. Whitecode has provided these services to industry, healthcare and virtual gaming.

WTC Marketing & Management

Marketing services, such as marketing plans, communication plans, corporate websites, content development, social media management, content marketing, big data, are included here; and in the area of management: strategic and organizational consulting, strategic analysis, benchmarking.


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